Rogier Lecluse

Position: Manager Operations, Saan Trucking

Rogier Lecluse joined Royal Dutch Saan as a Project Manager after completing studies in Industrial Engineering and Management in 2011. He also did volunteer work during the World Rowing Championships in 2014.

Saan Trucking is a young independent company originated in 2012 from Royal Dutch Saan, a family-based company with a great history in logistic services. Rogier truly believes in one of the company quotes; we believe it’s not only about the trucks on the road, it’s about the people who drive the trucks. Team effort is his main goal.

To co-operate with our head office in Cluj, stay in good contact with our drivers’ team, our suppliers and clients, Rogier travels all over Europe. To stay involved and be a part of the driver’s team he is working together with them every six to eight weeks ‘’on site’’.