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Host City 2022

The tenth Host City Conference is back in Glasgow on 15-16 November 2022, welcoming representatives of cities, destination marketing organisations, cross-sector rightsholders, organising committees and suppliers. JOIN US for our return to physical events!

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Host City News

Passing the baton: How the next generation of fans, players and workforces will shape the future of sport

Alice John, head of economic growth and development advisory in Deloitte's Sports Business Group, explores the shifting expectations of a new generation and how this will impact industry in the years ahead ...


Host City Americas

As digitalisation is revolutionizing the design, delivery and experience of live events, Host City Americas brought insights from the heartland of the tech industry.

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  • Host City is an incredible organization for good: a well-managed group of professionals seeking to bring the best and brightest together on multiple salient issues. As a sports professional who has also worked in the public and private areas, I appreciate their programs for putting a spotlight on unity, open free discussion, public-private sector cooperation, and the benefits of sport. It has been a great honor to be their former keynote event speaker and participant

    Anita DeFrantz

    IOC Member and Board Member, LA28

  • I was extremely proud and honoured to be part of the great Host City 2021 forum because I strongly believe that ‘sports need the cities and the cities need the sport’. Congratulations for this great initiative and bring on the next edition!

    Ivo Ferriani

    Executive Board Member, IOC and President of GAISF, IBSF and AIOWF

  • Outstanding. The presentations contained a wealth of information and were most inspiring

    Sam Ramsamy

    IOC Honorary Member and Vice President, FINA

  • Host City 2021 was by far the best edition yet and undoubtedly one of if not the leading international sport business conferences this year. Host City was truly diverse in terms of the covering the entire ecosystem connected to events, at multiple levels and with an outstanding list of contributors

    Sarah Lewis OBE OLY

    Global Sports Leader and Host City Advisory Board Member