Glisser - Host City

Glisser is an award-winning presentation software, integrated audience response system and event analytics platform.  

Our web-based solution shares slides directly to personal devices instantly. Glisser's interactive features - live polling, Q&A, social, quizzes and digital note-taking - enable delegates to maximise participation, engagement and ultimately increases their experience.  

Combining audience participation data with other sources, such as broader event analytics, allows event organisers to directly measure the impact of events with the rest of their business. Glisser’s open APIs make it easy to integrate event data into existing mar-tech and event-tech solutions, giving you a single view of data. 

Glisser is ISO 27001 certified, and GDPR compliant with enterprise-grade data protection being at the heart of the company from inception.  

You can live-stream events via Glisser LIVE. Glisser LIVE combines our audience participation software with a live video feed. You can use it in combination with Glisser's regular product at your physical event (creating a 'hybrid event') or as a standalone solution to create virtual events. 




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