Enabling Abilities - Host City

Headquartered in Covent Garden, Enabling Abilities is are uniquely positioned in not only the heart of London, but also the centre of global business. We offer a unique combination of experience and knowledge, as well as combining services that ordinarily would not be serviceable from a single company.

We ensure that our clients’ business environments are consistently meeting five-star standards for guests with differing requirements. We work with you to ensure that your HR function is fully compliant, up to the highest standard and making reasonable adjustments for persons with additional needs.

We assist you to develop employment policies that are inclusive, diverse and disability friendly.

We ensure your environment is accessible, friendly to disabled persons and those with additional requirements.

We work with select, highly regarded suppliers of the latest technology to enhance businesses for persons with additional needs. We also provide training to staff and teams on how to manage their operations with maximum efficiency to make their workplaces inclusive for all

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