Zhao Xiaochun

Position: Director, Sport Bureau of Shanxi Province

Xiaochun Zhao, born in March 1967, is currently the director of Sport Bureau of Shanxi Province. He successively used to be the deputy director of General Office of Sport Bureau of Shanxi Province, director of Competitive Sports Office, chairman of Shanxi Provincial Sports Management Center of Weightlifting, Wrestling and Judo, party secretary of Shanxi Sports Vocational School, and deputy director of Sport Bureau of Shanxi Province. He has been awarded one of “Advanced Workers of Shanxi Province”, and “May lst Labour Medal”. He has been elected as one of “Top Ten Cultural Innovation Figures in Shanxi Province”. Besides, Xiaochun Zhao has also been hired as the master tutor, part-time professor and guest professor by Shanxi University, Taiyuan University of Technology and other universities.