Kobinata Toru - Host City speaker

Kobinata Toru

Position: Vice President Sport/Events, International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC)

Kobinata Toru is the Vice President Sport/Events of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), a business owner, and climber.

Kobinata started climbing in 1983 and began to travel around the world in order to find new climbing spots. He initially started competing at a domestic level and later at Asian level, taking than the decision to dedicate his career to sport climbing.

Following his passion, he evolved his career into route setting in Japan in the 90s and afterwards became the event and Team manager of the Japanese climbing team. He also gets involved in the National Federation activity, the IFSC Asian Continental Council and the IFSC 2020 team.

Kobinata was elected IFSC Vice President Sport/Events in 2017. What is more, he is the Vice President of the Japan Urban Sports Support Committee (JUSC), founded in 2018 to promote urban sport. He is currently working on the presentation of sport climbing to offer the best sports show possible for Olympic Games.