Dr. Marco Mazzi

Position: Vice-President, International Sports Travel Agencies Association (ISTAA) and PhDc researcher in Sport Management, IOC Topics

Sports Project Manager with marketing, IOC governance, event and operation expertise of 18 years from 26 national Olympic sports federations, 5 International Federations, 28 international and national sports events, 5 Olympics Games, 1 FIFA WC and 7 BNL Internazionali d’Italia Tennis Master Series as TOP, World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Premier12 Travel Manager, 1 Super Bowl, EU baseball tournaments, 2 World Skate Roller Games, 1 FINA World Championship and IF Congress.

All is integrated and improved in a professional experience with Ph.D. research in Sport Management, studying US and European Models, focusing on the profitability of sporting events and always looking at risk management.