Debra Gawrych - Host City speaker

Debra Gawrych

Position: Secretary General, International Federation of Sport Climbing

Debbie Gawrych is the Secretary General of the IFSC. She has served in that position for over ten years after joining the IFSC Management Committee in 2004. Debbie began her Sport Climbing management positions as a volunteer coordinator for the Junior Climbing Competition Association (JCCA) in the USA, working her way up to the role of President of USA Climbing from 2003-2006. She served as the IFSC Vice President of Finance for two terms before her current second term as Secretary General. Debbie is an active athlete and in addition to climbing has competed in running, triathlons and tennis. Her experience in business (MBA and currently a Leadership Management Consultant) as well as competitive sports has helped her work with the IFSC staff and Executive Board to elevate the organisation and professionalism of the IFSC as a whole. Beginning in 2019, Debbie has begun to work more closely with the Strategic aspects of the IFSC; creating a global Strategic Plan from 2019-2025, and improving strategic and operational functions of key areas working alongside the staff in Marketing & Communications, Membership, Governance, and Administration.