QTV Sports - Host City

QTV Sports is an award-winning, UK-based production company and outside broadcast facility. 

We deliver innovative production and digital solutions that address four aims for rights-holders: extending reach, increasing commercial revenue, enhancing reputation, and rewarding fans. 

We work in partnership with over 35 international rights-owners, providing a range of production and content services including host broadcast, remote production, livestreaming, real-time in-play clips, features and highlights production, graphic design, and digital channel management. 

The company also pursues a local ambition to diversify coverage of Scottish sport and empower local sports governing bodies to create and own content that engages national and international audiences and upholds Scotland’s reputation as “The Perfect Stage” for international sport.  

We develop digital marketing strategies to maximise the reach of their content and events, improving audience engagement, sponsorship activation, and participation. 


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