Orange Sports Forum - Host City

Orange Sports Forum (OSF) was founded in 2010 with the aim of promoting companies, organisations and institutions associated with Dutch sport abroad. It encompasses ‘hardware’ (infrastructure and accommodation) as well as ‘software’ (training, coaching, education and sports marketing). As OSF identifies new opportunities in countries across the world, it provides a platform from which Dutch companies and institutions can approach new potential clients and partners. OSF is experienced with countries like China, the United States, the Middle-East, Spain and many more! Currently, OSF has a network consisting of more than 300 organisations.

OSF focuses on the following pillars:

  • The supporting and advising of organizations within its network with their ambitions to export.
  • Develop a sports business network that is relevant for use domestically and for foreign users. The network currently exceeds 300 Dutch companies.
  • OSF aims to showcase the knowledge and expertise in the field of sports and innovation of the Netherlands, rather than the sporting achievements.

Orange Sports Forum is also the natural partner for foreign organisations looking to access Dutch sports expertise or products. With our brand “Holland Sports & Industry” we can get enquirers in touch with the best companies, sports associations and knowledge partners in the Netherlands. Holland Sports & Industry is an initiative of the Orange Sports Forum foundation.

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