OnePlan massively simplifies and improves the design, management and operations of major events. Used by over 1,500 events in the US and internationally - including major music festivals, sports federations and teams from the NBA and English Premier League - it’s the single source of truth for organisers who plan and host major events. 

Combining the best CAD tools with the biggest selection of 2D, 3D, satellite and aerial maps, OnePlan enables centimeter-accurate design and planning of major events. Easily plan infrastructure, security, transport management, staff and more. Procure directly from suppliers. And collaborate in real-time with your team, partners, broadcasters and any stakeholder in one plan. 

Our hyper-realistic and fully interactive 3D Venue Twin platform enables you to visualize exactly how your city-wide event will look. It drastically reduces the need for stakeholder site visits, delivering significant cost savings and sustainability benefits for major events. 

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