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Since 1976, Musco Lighting has specialized in the design, manufacture, and service of sports and large area lighting for venues around the world. 

Built on a foundation of responsibility to the needs of facility owners, players, spectators, broadcasters, and the surrounding environment, Musco’s innovative solutions have been the sports lighting of choice at everything from neighborhood pitches to some of the most iconic events and venues across the globe. Some of these include the Commonwealth Games, Premier League stadiums, international superspeedways, Wimbledon’s Centre Court, Manchester Arena, Wembley Stadium, and the Olympic Games. 

Musco led the way in researching sports lighting systems utilizing the LED light source, beginning in 2008, using its 40 years of knowledge and experience in the control and application of light in a sports setting. The company’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED® achieves light control, glare and spill light reduction, uniformity, reliability, and energy efficiency never before possible. This innovative technology is matched by the service, support, and guidance of industry experts who bring decades of experience. 

Ideal as a retrofit, temporary, or a complete permanent solution from foundation to pole top in the form of Musco’s Light-Structure System™, TLC for LED realizes the potential of the LED light source in ways no other manufacturer can. For outdoor and indoor applications, TLC for LED’s distinctive system technology—as opposed to the non-system fixtures of other manufacturers—includes lighting, structural components like cross arms, and electrical components designed to work together. This achieves a level of performance and reliability that cannot be matched. 

Musco’s proprietary special effects technology with light-to-sound synchronization, colored RGBW fixtures, and an array of customizable scenes will enhance any venue’s entertainment experience with new, cutting-edge light shows. Musco’s legacy and overlay systems provide ideal temporary or permanent event lighting solutions for field of play, practice facilities, finish line, press areas, kiss and cry, mix zones, Flag of Nations, speeches, special events, ceremonies, concerts, parades, seating areas, security and egress lighting, and parking areas. 

Musco’s solutions are cost effective and backed by a long-term warranty that covers every part and all labor well into the future. For further information and to learn about free design assistance visit

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