Dr Melita N. Moore

Position: Board Member and Health and Wellness Commission Chair, Global Esports Federation

Dr. Melita N. Moore is a quadruple board certified physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Brain Injury Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She served as a team physician in the NBA 2K League, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) G League. She is the CEO/Founder of Levels Unlocked Enterprises, a brand, marketing and communications firm focused on esports, sports and health and the Executive Director of Health-e-Gamer Foundation, a 501c3 organization with an emphasis on esports and STEM through a wellness lens.

Having been one of a select few team physicians of a professional esports team in the United States, she is uniquely aware of the mental and physical stress and burnout issues in the gaming community and is an international leader on health and wellness for gamers in the field of Esports Medicine. In addition, she is a Member of the Board and Chair of the Health and Wellness Commission for the Global Esports Federation. Her goal is to educate parents, gamers and stakeholders on the importance of healthy lifestyles in a digital world.