Sunset+Vine is an independent television production company specializing in sport. It has headquarters in Hammersmith, West London, where 60 production staff are employed. A further 70 employees work within BT Sport’s facility in Stratford, East London. Productions include large host broadcast operations for the likes of the ICC (Cricket), FEI (Equestrian), Commonwealth Games and Premier League Football. Live coverage of rugby, football, cricket, triathlon, sailing, rowing, mountain biking, and badminton, as well as advertiser funded programming for companies like Gillette and Mobil 1.

Facilities in West London include over 20 edit suites, as well as audio suites and camera resources. The Sunset+Vine Digital, Commercial, Host Broadcast, International and Branded Content teams also work out of here, as well as all Legal, IT, Finance and Human Resources supporting all productions

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