City of Brno - Host City

Located in the centre of Europe, the City of Brno offers a unique comfort: it is grand in possibilities and small in distances. Easily accessible thanks to its international airport, only two hours by car from Prague, Vienna or Bratislava, close to Krakow and Budapest. A friendly city with a rich history and a young soul. In Brno everything is within reach, big sport stadiums, huge Exhibition Centre, theatres, parks, universities, research centres, nature, entertainment, top level of gastronomy. The functionalist architecture is combined with historic buildings and industrial places. Brno is the capital of South Moravia, region offolklore and winegrowing linked with Leoš Janáček, Alfons Mucha and Gregor Johann Mendel. And it offers much more. Sport fans know Brno thanks to Moto GP, thousands of visitors come here every year to attend major cultural events or trade fairs. Brno is also among the pioneers who organize Olympic parks – the Olympic Festival Pyeong Chang 2018 will be followed by the Olympic Festival Tokyo 2020. 

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