Terre des Hommes launched the campaign ‘Children Win’ to ensure that child rights are protected, preserved and respected before, during and after the organisation and delivery of Mega Sporting Events (MSEs), and that every event ensures a positive legacy for future generations. Since 2014 we have been steadily increasing the pressure on MSE organisers with a track record of turning a blind eye to human rights violations, and demanding change from them. We have compiled irrefutable evidence that major events, such as the FIFA World Cup™ or the Olympic Games, can directly harm children or expose them to risks such as forced eviction, violence and exploitation.

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Terre des Hommes is an international federation of 10 national organizations working for the rights of children, and to promote equitable development without racial, religious, political, cultural or gender-based discrimination. During 2016, Terre des Hommes delivered more than 800 child protection and relief projects in 67 countries.

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