Since its establishment (2009/2010), OSF has been focused on displaying the Netherlands as a sport loving nation. OSF is a platform where (innovative) organizations, governments and sports work together in order to showcase the Dutch organization and institutions on an international level. OSF’s objective is to aid these organizations and institutions with the exportation of their products and/or services affiliated to sports to principals, governments and institutions abroad. The latest developments and insights are shared among the participants and leads and projects are exchanged. In addition, OSF works closely with the Dutch authorities and Dutch representatives abroad (embassies and consulates). This with the aim to optimally exploit the business opportunities on the foreign markets.
OSF focuses on the following pillars:

  • The supporting and advising of organizations within its network with their ambitions to export. The company aims to achieve this through the development of a knowledge based system, where information is gathered and shared on the foreign sports market.
  • Develop a sports business network that is relevant for use domestically and for foreign users. In order to make this feasible OSF organizes network- and information conferences for companies, organizations and institutions.
  • The organization aims to showcase the knowledge and expertise in the field of sports and innovation of the Netherlands, rather than the sporting achievements. It therefore wishes to be the symbol of the exceptional character to the Dutch sporting climate.

In the meantime, OSF’s network consists out of more than 300 companies and institutions. Do you have international ambitions? Orange Sports Forum has the expertise to help you. When participating in the Orange Sports Forum network, your company will also be included on the website (an international portal where supply meets demand) moreover, and advertisement on the yearly edition with the same name, see also the Yearbook Holland Sports & Industry 2016 / 2017.

For more information regarding Orange Sports Forum, our members, activities and projects please visit our website.
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